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  • SVL gewinnt Trainingsspiel in Weigmannsdorf
Datum: 24.07.2010 - 13:27 Autor: Bee
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It said the United States could lose leverage over allies to cooperate on terrorism -- particularly on "extra-judicial activities." Foreign governments might even take the extraordinary step of secretly extracting U.S. citizens suspected of carrying out extremist acts abroad.
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"Primarily we have been concerned about al Qaeda infiltrating operatives into the United States to conduct terrorist attacks, but AQ may be increasingly looking for Americans to operate overseas," the document proposes.
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"Undoubtedly al Qaeda and other terrorist groups recognize that Americans can be great assets in terrorist operations overseas."
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It said U.S. citizens are valuable to terrorist organizations because they are harder to detect. They don't fit the typical Arab-Muslim profile and can easily communicate with leaders through their "unfettered" access to the Internet and other methods, the report said. World of Warcraft Gold,WoW Power leveling,">runes of magic gold, The CIA played down the paper's significance, noting Red Cell teams of analysts were tasked with taking up hypothetical scenarios and presenting alternate views, divergent from mainstream thinking.

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